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A :  Access doors, automatic pool cover framework

B :  Balustrading, hand, grab and barrier rails and brackets

C :  Channels, grating and frames

D :  Drain covers and frames, disabled handrails

E :  Edge protectors and corner guards, escutcheon plates

F :  Filter steps and strings

G :  Grilles and decorative panels

H :  Heat exchangers (20 years experience in manufacture)

I  :  Invalid rails, infil panels, interior and exterior cladding

J  : Jets, water themes and attractions

K :  Kick plates

L :  Ladders and treads, letterboxes, lifebuoy stands

M : Manhole covers and frames

N : Non-standard items priced and manufactured

O : Ornamental work

P : Poolside fittings and fixings

Q : Quality products in type 304 and 316 stainless steel

R : Rope made of stainless steel

S :  Shower cabinets and trays

T : Tanks and lids

U : Urinals fabricated in stainless steel

V : Ventilation cover plates and louvres

W : Water fountains and features

X Y Z : Any items which are possible to produce in stainless steel but have not been manufactured by us or asked for by you

Stainless steel products from A to Z

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