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At our fabrication plant in Braintree, Essex we ensure that the process doesn't compromise the quality of our stainless steel.

We understand the techniques that are required and have the machinery to complete your order exactly to your instructions.

We can manufacture just about anything from a detailed drawing or a sketch. We continually work with architects, designers and customers to interpret their requirements.

Contact us about your project and rest assured that the items we produce for you will be exactly to your specifications and of the highest quality.

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Maintenance of stainless steel

The hard, smooth surface of stainless steel does not encourage dirt deposits, therefore frequency of cleaning is lower than with many other building materials. For the removal of normal atmosphere dirt sponging down with water containing soap, mild detergent or a solution of ammonia followed by rinsing down with clean water and wiping dry is generally sufficient. After the initial installation Architectural Stainless products and fabrications will require thorough cleaning to remove any adhesive, either from the protective coating or other building operations that may have been left on the surface. Please note that harsh abrasives should never be used on polished stainless steel surfaces or components.


Architectural Stainless supply specialist stainless steel cleaning sprays.


For a professional, reliable service for your stainless steel product requirements call Architectural Stainless in Braintree, Essex today.

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