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Architectural Stainless in Braintree, Essex are manufacturers and suppliers of heat exchangers for a range of applications for your environment whilst keeping costs affordable..

  • Pool heating or cooling

  • Gas or oil fired boilers

  • Solar panels

  • Heat pumps pumps

  • Ground source heating

  • Chillers

With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying top quality stainless steel products we produce heat exchangers that will deliver the results you are looking for.

For heat exchanger manufacture & supply call us now:

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Energy efficiency through heat exchangers

Heat exchangers for solar industry

Diverse range of uses:

Experience you can trust

stainless steel heat exchanger Heat exchanger - code 60 Heat exchanger - code 460

CODE: 60

A heat exchanger with a

60,000 BTU maximum output, weighing 2.5kgs and measuring W:116 x L:240 x D:140mm

Heat exchanger - code 100

CODE: 170

A heat exchanger with a

170,000 BTU maximum output, weighing 6kgs and measuring W:116 x L:543 x D:140mm

Heat exchanger - code 130 Heat exchanger - code 170 Heat exchanger - code 230

CODE: 100

A heat exchanger with a

100,000 BTU maximum output, weighing 3kgs and measuring W:116 x L:287 x D:140mm

CODE: 230

A heat exchanger with a

230,000 BTU maximum output, weighing 7.5kgs and measuring W:116 x L:695 x D:140mm

CODE: 130

A heat exchanger with a

130,000 BTU maximum output, weighing 4.5kgs and measuring W:116 x L:417 x D:140mm

CODE: 460

A heat exchanger with a

460,000 BTU maximum output, weighing 17.5kgs and measuring W:220 x L:775 x D:140mm

We work in conjunction with many solar companies and regularly supply our 230.000BTU model for many installations used within this growing industry.

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